• Japanese Crowdfunding Promotion


    Who we are

    Our business is to import and promote convenient and functional overseas products in Japan, enriching people’s lives.


    Many overseas products are not well known by Japanese people, because its manufacturers have no sales channel in Japan or do not know how to promote their products in Japan.


    For those companies, we would like to become their distributer and support them to enter the Japanese market fields.


    What are the methods to succeed in Crowdfunding?

    Facebook advertisement

    We are going to use Facebook advertisement for around two months before starting the project in order to gather potential customers and to get off to a good start.

    Social media

    We will open an account for each social media. We will manage them for a couple of months in order to gather fans in advance to crowdfunding.

    Press release

    We will post an article about the product on the Japanese Press release platform where we can approach members of the media. If they take interests in the article they might spread them in their own website.

    Appointment of influencers

    Depending on the situation, we are going to appoint influencers for reviews about the product, such as Youtuber and Instagramer. Reviews from suitable influencers who are famous in the industry could gain authoritativeness.

  • After the Crowdfunding

    General Sales


    We will negotiate wholesaler and retailers for the general sales for the product.

    Below are the examples of connections we have.










    If there is an exhibition being held fortunately, we might run a booth at there. Exhibition, such as Gift Show, is a good opportunity to reach a lot of wholesalers and retailers.


    Gift Show




     We open an online shop and sell on e-commerce website such as Shopify, Rakuten and Amazon JP.




  • The process for Crowdfunding

    After we come to agreement, we will start to prepare the Japanese Crowdfunding.It will take around 6 months.



    ・Social media

    ・Project page

    Around 2 months


    ・Launch the project

    ・Press release

    Around 1~2 months

    3.Order and delivery

    ・Order for the products

    ・Deliver to the customers

    Around 1~2 months

    *Depending on the lead time

    4.After the crowdfunding

    ・General sales



  • Benefits from our service

    Customer Service

    We will take care all of customer supports.

    You do not have to communicate with Japanese customers and wholesalers.


    We will do all the marketing and procedures for the Japanese Crowdfunding.

    What we need you to do is just to send us the samples, information and images for the product.


    With our knowledge about Japanese market, we can promote the product effectively and attract Japanese people in various ways.

    We are planning to use the funds from the crowdfunding for further expansion and additional orders for the products.


    We have several connections with famous wholesalers and retailers in Japan. We can distribute the products to them after the Japanese Crowdfunding.

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